About Us

We are an owner managed and supervised company offering the following services: Building, Plastering, Painting, Brick Paving, Tiling, Plumbing, Swimming Pools, Marbelite to name a few.  Our skilled labour is guaranteed to offer you the best quality workmanship.


About the Company
We provide a holistic solution to building and renovation work. Our in-house expertise covers all building principals. These include wet works, plumbing, electrical, roofing, tiling and painting.

Our Proposals
Our proposals are presented in great detail. We list the areas of work to be done, detailing and quantifying the various activities which are to be performed in each of these areas. This gives the Client the ability to add and remove activities according to his/her budget, knowing exactly what the cost implications are. This method also eliminates unexpected charges for "extras", "misunderstanding" and disappointment.
Ethics and Guarantees
Our staff is trained not only to work at a high standard, but also to look after and respect the Client's property. We adhere to the building standards and principals set out by building organisations. This means quality work, which is guaranteed to last!